Ozone Generators

Ozone Generators
Ozone Generator for Swimming Pools & Waterparks


MAT OZONE GENERATORS are designed & manufactured in-house to provide stable and actual ozone delivery in high humidity environments. Swimming pool water treatment systems which include ozone in the process will greatly improve swimming pool water quality and reduce chemical consumption costs if designed and installed properly.

Ozone and chlorine differ in how they oxidize other compounds.  At pool residual levels, chlorine becomes incorporated into the compound.  This chemically alters the compound.  In this fashion, chlorine combines with organical compounds in the water.  These organical compounds include body oils, suntan lotions, cosmetics, dead algae and bacteria.  These reactions consume a lot of chlorine – and chlorine is no longer available to function as a biocide and residual.

Ozone acts as a primary oxidizer and not as a disinfectant. Disinfection is enhanced by maintaining a free available chlorine or bromine residual.  Ozone is a more powerful oxidizing reagent than chlorine. O3 reacts with organic or nitrogen containing compounds faster.  O3 doesn’t combine with other compounds; actually, it causes the organic and nitrogen compounds to break apart.  The smaller molecules have more water solubility, and some can even gas-off.

MAT Ozone stops the buildup of chlorinated organic and amine compounds and does not form combines.

MAT Ozone generators use Corona discharge method and are the only type which can generate an adequate quality of ozone at a sufficient rate to properly disinfect public pool water. The “Corona Discharge” processes generate ozone (O3) from oxygen (O2). Ozone is almost best effective oxidizer next to elemental fluorine in the natural world.

Our Ozone units cover a wide variety of high quality Ozone Production needs, starting from 5g/h up to 100g/h. MAT Ozone generators maximize the efficiency of the water treatment process when paired with one of the MAT integrated Compact System components, or used as a stand-alone disinfection system. MAT Ozone Generators are designed for stable use, low power consumption, minimized footprint and operation in saline and humid ambient conditions. Fitted with regenerative air dryers, MAT Ozone generators provide efficient dry air supply.

Ozone Generators - SPECIFICATIONS

Ozone GeneratorPrice (€)Footprint (max/mm)Footprint (min/mm)Max Height (mm)Ozone Output (g/h)Ozone Concentration (g/m³)Compressor Power (W/h)Total Current (A)Supply Voltage 50Hz (V)Corona Frequency (Hz)Ozone Outlet Size- SS316 (mm)Ozone Flow-Rate (lpm)Air Conditioner (Filter+Dryer)Device Weight (Kg)Ozone Production Method
OZ-53405.7590060512505258003.51~220V50851100Corona Discharge
OZ-104001.8900605125010508003.51~220V50851112Corona Discharge
OZ-205873.68105068012502050110051~220V508101153Corona Discharge
OZ-306682.89105068012503050132061~220V508101158Corona Discharge
OZ-509978.95105068012505060150071~220V508151170Corona Discharge
OZ-7512346.151250750161575753000141~220V508201190Corona Discharge
OZ-10019076.9212507501615100804000181~220V508201210Corona Discharge