UV Disinfection – Sterilization Systems

UV Disinfection – Sterilization Systems
UV Disinfection Sterilization System for Swimming Pools & Waterparks.

UV Disinfection – Sterilization System for Swimming Pools & Waterparks

MAT UVC DISINFECTION SYSTEM is a sterilizing device which is used in swimming pools disinfection system. Bathers cause many pollutants to enter the water, like urine, sweat ,bacteria and other excretion products of swimmers. Disinfection plays a key role as a required treatment step for public and private pools and water parks,. Ultraviolet pool cleaning system uses UV ray to alter the chemistry of virus, bacteria and algae. This ray damages directly an organism’s DNA, aborts its reproducing ability, keeping pool water sanitized and, keep safe for swimming. UV radiation of a wavelength (UV-C – 253.7nm) that, when used to treat water, has a very strong biocide effect. It halts microorganism in swimming pool water, which is unaffected by chlorine. UV-C light is the most damaging part of sunlight that doesn’t reach the earth naturally, so a special electric lamp is needed to generate this radiation.

The advantages of UV-C purifiers in waterparks and swimming pools are:

  • The protection of swimmers against illnesses caused by microorganisms resistant to chlorine.
  • They don’t cause eye, skin, nose and respiratory system irritation as chloramines do.
  • They eliminate unpleasant swimming pool smells.
  • They increase the preservation of the fabric of the pool and pool hall by reducing the chloramines inside the swimming pool.

UV Disinfection – Sterilization Systems - SPECIFICATIONS

UV Spesification (Metric System) Requsted Flow
Rate [m³/h]
Requested Dosing Rate [J/m2]Design Water UVT RatioFlange/ Pipe Connection
Body MaterialReactor Diameter [mm]Reactor Length [mm]Total Power [W]Number Of UV Lamps [pcs]Per Lamp Power [W]Total
Current [A]
Supply Voltage 50/60Hz [V]Flow Sensor and alarmUV Irradiance Sensor and alarmReactor temperature Sensor and
MR1-75PP STD L-shape34000.981 1/2" BSPPP90980751750.351~230OptionalOptionalOptional
MR1-75PP STD L-shape54000.981 1/2" BSPPP90980751750.351~230OptionalOptionalOptional
MR2-75PP 3"84000.983" BSPPP1409121502750.71~230OptionalOptionalOptional
MR2-75PP 3"154000.983" BSPPP1409121502750.71~230OptionalOptionalOptional
MR3-75PP 3"224000.983" BSPPP16091222537511~230OptionalOptionalOptional
MR4-75PP 3"354000.983" BSPPP1809123004751.11~230OptionalOptionalOptional
* MAT FILTRATION TECHNOLOGIES™ preserves the right to update anytime the listed prices (if any). Every effort has been made so that the above specs are accurate. However please contact our Sales Department for up to date technical data, electrical specs according to your regional requirements and current Ex-Works pricelist. The listed prices are for the basic equipment and do not include any optional components.