Pressurized Media Filter Tanks

Pressurized Media Filter Tanks
Pressurized Media Filters for Public Swimming Pools & Waterparks

Pressurized Media Filter Tanks for Swimming Pools & Waterparks

The Pressurized media filter tank is the most popular method in order to enhance partical removal and clearance from water. The Pressure media filter consists of a multiple layer of filter medias with a variety in size and specific grades like sand, glass , mineral or plastic. Our pressurised media filters are designed to remove turbidity and suspended particles present in the feed water with minimum pressure drop. MAT Pressurised Media Filters are offered in Laminated GRP construction or bobin wounded with face piping and associated Valves as optional.

  • MAT Pressurised filters match with DIN 19605/19643
  • Sand bed up to 1.200mm (1.500mm by special request)
  • All flanges from GRP
  • Maximum Working Pressure 3 or 4.5 Bars ( up to 8 bars by special request)
  • Ozone Protection Option
  • Nozzle Plate Option
  • Man Hole optional

Pressurized Media Filter Tanks - SPECIFICATIONS

Pressurized Media Filter TankBody Diameter (mm)Design Pressure (kg/cm²)Media DepthFiltration Flowrate (m³/h)Filtration Speed (m³/h/m²)Filtration Area (m²)Connection Flanged/UnionConnection Size (mm)Construction Type (Horizontal/Vertical / Stacked Dual Design)Total AFM Media Capacity (Kg)Total AFM Media Capacity (Kg)Height (mm)Sight GlassOptional Design Pressure (kg/cm²)Nozzle PlateAir Backwash ConnectionOzone Protection
FT500500314 /5/620/25/300.19UNION50VERTICAL2852371880OPTION4.5OPTIONonly with nozzle plateOPTION
FT600600317/8/1020/25/300.33UNION50VERTICAL4954111880OPTION4.5OPTIONonly with nozzle plateOPTION
FT8008003110 /12/1520/25/300.5FLANGED63VERTICAL7506231950OPTION4.5OPTIONonly with nozzle plateOPTION
FT100010003117/21/2520/25/300.86FLANGED75VERTICAL129010711900OPTION4.5OPTIONonly with nozzle plateOPTION
FT120012003122/27/3320/25/301.13FLANGED90VERTICAL169514071950OPTION4.5OPTIONonly with nozzle plateOPTION
FT140014003130 /38/4620/25/301.54FLANGED110VERTICAL231019171950OPTION4.5OPTIONonly with nozzle plateOPTION
FT160016003140/50/6020/25/302.01FLANGED140VERTICAL301525022000OPTION4.5OPTIONonly with nozzle plateOPTION
FT180018003150/63/7620/25/302.54FLANGED140VERTICAL381031622050OPTION4.5OPTIONonly with nozzle plateOPTION
FT200020003162/78/9420/25/303.14FLANGED160VERTICAL471039092100OPTION4.5OPTIONonly with nozzle plateOPTION
FT220022003176/95/11420/25/303.8FLANGED160VERTICAL570047312200OPTION4.5OPTIONonly with nozzle plateOPTION
FT240024003186/108/13020/25/304.34FLANGED160VERTICAL651054032250OPTION4.5OPTIONonly with nozzle plateOPTION
FTH25002000x2500(L)31.282/102/12320/25/304.1FLANGED160HORIZONTAL73806125~2150OPTION4.5OPTIONonly with nozzle plateOPTION
FTH30002000x3000(L)31.2100/125/15020/25/305FLANGED160HORIZONTAL90007470~2150OPTION4.5OPTIONonly with nozzle plateOPTION
FTH40002000x4000(L)31.2140/170/21020/25/307FLANGED225HORIZONTAL1260010458~2150OPTION4.5OPTIONonly with nozzle plateOPTION
FTH5000DS2000x5000(L)31.2177/221/26520/25/308.8FLANGED225HORIZONTAL1584013147~2150OPTION4.5OPTIONonly with nozzle plateOPTION
FTH2500DS2000x2500(L)X231.2(82/102/123) X 220/25/304.1 X 2FLANGED2 X 140HORIZONTAL STACKED DUAL DESIGN1530012699~4300OPTION4.5OPTIONonly with nozzle plateOPTION
FTH3000DS2000x3000(L)X231.2(100/125/150) X 220/25/305 X 2FLANGED2 X 160HORIZONTAL STACKED DUAL DESIGN1800014940~4300OPTION4.5OPTIONonly with nozzle plateOPTION
FTH4000DS2000x4000(L)X231.2(140/170/210) X 220/25/307 X 2FLANGED2 X 200HORIZONTAL STACKED DUAL DESIGN2520020916~4300OPTION4.5OPTIONonly with nozzle plateOPTION
FTH5000DS2000x5000(L)X231.2(177/221/265) X 220/25/308.8 X 2FLANGED2 X 225HORIZONTAL STACKED DUAL DESIGN3168026294~4300OPTION4.5OPTIONonly with nozzle plateOPTION
* MAT FILTRATION TECHNOLOGIES™ preserves the right to update anytime the listed prices (if any). Every effort has been made so that the above specs are accurate. However please contact our Sales Department for up to date technical data, electrical specs according to your regional requirements and current Ex-Works pricelist. The listed prices are for the basic equipment and do not include any optional components.